Milling Process

The MULTICRACKER® is a compact machine which can be used to minimize the size of your product, through the process of 'cracking' rather than milling.

In this machine, we use specially patented cracking discs which reduce the size of your material under high speed to your desired dimensions. With the blades, the MULTICRACKER® effectively works using a scissor mechanism, leading to the optimal dimensions of your product.

The diagrams below show that the cutting surface of a MULTICRACKER® is three times larger than that of a mill of equal size, leading to a capacity three times greater.

Why 'cracking' (breaking) instead of milling?

By cracking the product, a uniform product size is obtained. In the case of animal feed, this has a positive effect on the digestion of the animal.

Due to the fast throughput of the machine, the product does not experience any increase in temperature and therefore minimal loss of moisture and nutritional value.


  • Multifunctional
  • Efficient processing of high value materials
  • Homogeneous structure of product
  • Works for dry, oily, and wet products
  • No increase in temperature of the product
  • Simple and acccurate operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and light
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long lifespan